Managing business debt is a key priority in the success or failure of any company, and if problems start to arise business debt consolidation can be a surprisingly effective solution.

Business debts can take any number of different forms, from start-up loans to business credit cards, overdrafts and other types of business loans, and credit accounts with other businesses in the supply chain. As with any form of borrowing, consider all the different elements of the credit you have — interest rates, minimum monthly payments terms, whether credit cards have to be settled in full each month, the term over which a loan is being repaid, and so on.

Consolidating debts benchmarks borrowing and gives a positive way to take control of business expenditure and level of debt.


Many businesses reach a position where their credit commitments are complicated, with each creditor having different expectations and payment terms.Credit accounts with suppliers will likely be complemented by bank lending, and keeping track of all your debts and payments can become complex, particularly for smaller businesses.

If you start to experience difficulties keeping up with any of your debt repayments, business debt consolidation can help simplify and streamline your company’s outgoings by:

• Satisfying creditors if payments may have fallen into arrears
• Removing the burden of dealing with creditors or collection agencies chasing payments
• Protecting the business assets
• Improving the cash flow
• Helping avoid insolvency, turn around your business and ultimately prevent liquidation

Debt consolidation can be a real step towards sorting out financial problems for any large, medium or small business.
By cutting business payment commitments each month and improving cash flow, you may be able to restore your company to a more stable operating position.


One of your first steps should be to take professional advice about business debt consolidation loans, and the options open to your company. Business finance and recovery specialists will be able to review your company finances and discuss the viability of consolidation as a solution — your company’s accountants or the business advisor at your bank may be helpful as a first port of call.

Alternatively, specialist business debt consolidation companies that often offer the services of a qualified insolvency practitioner, can apply their unique knowledge and expertise to help you reach a logical and balanced decision for the benefit of your firm’s financial future.

Consolidation may not be appropriate in all cases — your business must demonstrate that current cash flow problems are likely to be temporary, and that the company will be able to repay the consolidated debt. In some cases, some form of security or an equity stake may be necessary to secure the new borrowing.

While not always appropriate or available, business debt consolidation can offer recovery solutions for a business with short-term cash flow problems, and can be an important step towards a positive outcome.


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